Top 5 Culinary Arts Schools in Australia

Young chefs in Australia have no shortage of options for a great culinary education. Many prestigious culinary institutes and cooking schools are training and educating the next generation of highly skilled, highly paid bakers, caterers and chefs de cuisine. With all of these options, every student should carefully consider which culinary arts program offers them the training that they are looking for in order to build a career in the kitchen.

Le Cordon Bleu:

World famous and well-respected, the culinary arts program at Le Cordon Bleu is the best in the world. From its campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, Le Cordon Bleu teaches its students the fundamentals of classical French cuisine alongside modern, innovative techniques. With a tradition spanning over 100 years, Le Cordon Bleu's commitment to excellence is world-renowned and the institute is widely regarded as the finest in the world.

Keiser University's Center for Culinary Arts:

Keiser University's Melbourne campus is among the finest new culinary institutes in Australia. Focusing on modern techniques with experienced instructors, Keiser University has been successfully training chefs for over 35 years. Small classes and flexible schedules make the culinary arts program at Keiser University a good fit for a wide range of students. Keiser University also has some of the latest technology in the kitchen, with well-appointed facilities and cutting-edge equipment. Students will learn using the tools of the trade that they will be using for the rest of their culinary careers.

The Australian College of Applied Education's School of Culinary Arts:

With an emphasis on practical, efficient, useful cooking techniques along with extensive partnerships with local restaurants, the ACAE's School of Culinary Arts is the perfect place for a young chef who is looking to come out of culinary school with a list of solid references and positive, hands-on experience. ACAE focuses on placing its students in externships, moving their young chefs from the test kitchen to working kitchens around Australia.

Meridian International Hotel School:

Meridian International Hotel School's culinary arts program in Melbourne prepares students for work in large, modern kitchens. The program focuses on cutting-edge equipment and techniques to produce modern banquet and catering cuisine. It also features one of Australia's finest confectionery and bakery programs. The Meridian International Hotel school has campuses around the world and a large network of instructors that will help any culinary arts student reach his or her full potential.

William Angliss Institute:

The culinary arts program at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne Australia focuses on real-world experience through its training restaurants and bakeshops. Students will be able to work and learn in real world situations to please customers and provide high quality cuisine and baked goods. More than most culinary arts programs, the William Angliss institute balances the pressures of learning with comfort and convenience. The campus features 100% wifi coverage at no cost to its students and offers retreat areas to relax and unwind. The culinary arts program at the William Angliss Institute also uses two modern food technology laboratories to educate young chefs in the ways of modern molecular gastronomy.